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A bright and ambitious girl who wants to make a difference in the world...

Some Facts about me:

As early as I could remember, gardening is one of my favourite things to do especially with succulents and carnivorous plants. On days that I relax, I read books about philosophy e.g. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius or old English novels by Oscar Wilde. Subjects on bioethics and the ethics on technology are some of my favorite things to ponder about.

I do some art on the side but not as a professional, I find pleasure in drawing and turning my art into personal gifts/cards, most I keep to a select few of people. When I'm out with friends, I try to seek out the best Japanese restaurants or new places to eat, see and visit. Hit me up if you know a cool place. I hope to adopt a Samoyed one day, I'm working pretty hard to make that into a reality. [ Or a virtual fluffy dog without the maintenance is equally as cool ]

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